Get Peacock Premium Plus – Pricing, Features & Details

Peacock Premium Plus is a special subscription level valued at $11.99/month on NBCUniversal’s Peacock streaming service. 

This plan caters to people who want to watch shows and movies without ads and can download them offline. 

In this article, I’ll share the details of what Peacock Premium Plus offers and whether it’s worth paying for.

What is Peacock Premium Plus?

Peacock Premium Plus is an enhanced version of the Peacock streaming service that offers subscribers a more comprehensive and ad-free viewing experience. With Peacock Premium Plus, users can enjoy everything included in the Peacock Premium package, but without the interruptions of advertisements, except for a limited number of exclusions due to streaming rights, which means that a small amount of programming, such as Peacock channels, events, and a few shows and movies, will still contain ads. This tier allows for the download and offline viewing of select titles and provides live, 24/7 access to the subscriber’s local NBC channel.

Quick Overview: Peacock Premium Plus!

  • Peacock Premium Plus is available at $11.99 monthly, making it a higher-tier choice among Peacock subscriptions.
  • Subscribers can enjoy most content without interruptions as it is ad-free.
  • One of this plan’s distinguishing features is the ability to download select titles for offline viewing, making it convenient for users on the go.
  • Users can access the service’s extensive library, including lower-tier plans and all additional Premium Plus exclusives.

What Does Peacock Premium Plus Include?

Peacock Premium Plus is the highest-tier subscription NBC’s Peacock streaming service offers. It provides subscribers with numerous benefits outlined below:

1. Ad-Free Viewing: 

Members can enjoy the majority of Peacock’s content without the interruption of ads. However, a few programs may still contain commercials due to streaming rights.

2. Comprehensive Library Access:

Subscribers have full access to Peacock’s extensive library, which includes TV shows, movies, live sports, documentaries, and original programs.

3. Offline Viewing: 

Users can download and watch selected titles offline, allowing them to view their favorite content without an internet connection.

4. Local NBC Channel: 

Another feature is the access to a subscriber’s local NBC channel live, 24/7, allowing them to stay up-to-date with local news, weather, and more.

How to Sign Up for Peacock?

Signing up for Peacock Premium Plus is an easy process. Interested viewers can follow these steps:

Step 1: Click on this link to land on the Peacock TV official site’s subscription plan and pricing page.

Step 2: Create an Account.

Step 3: They will be prompted to fill out billing information to set up the subscription payment:

How Much Does Peacock Premium Cost in 2024?

Peacock, the streaming service from NBCUniversal, offers a tier called Peacock Premium Plus. This plan aims to enhance the streaming experience by offering:

  • Ad-free viewing on the majority of titles
  • Access to download and watch select titles offline
  • Live streaming of the local NBC channel

The monthly cost for Peacock Premium Plus is $11.99. Subscribers have an alternative to pay annually, which is set at $119.99 per year

This annual option offers savings equivalent to two months compared to the monthly rate.

Other Peacock Pricing and Plans:

Pick a plan

Peacock offers two main subscription tiers: Peacock Premium and Peacock Premium Plus. Below is a breakdown of the features and pricing for each:

FeaturePremiumPremium Plus
Monthly Cost$5.99$11.99
Ad-Free StreamingNoYes
Offline ViewingNoYes
Full Library AccessYesYes
Downloadable ContentNoYes

Although both tiers require a monthly fee, Peacock Premium Plus is designed for viewers who prefer streaming without interruptions and with offline viewing for traveling convenience.

Also, you must note that even the ad-free Premium Plus has limited exclusions where some ads will be present, usually in Peacock channels, events, and a selection of shows and movies Peacock – Choose a Plan.

Ways to Get Peacock for Cheaper in 2024!

If the Peacock Premium Plus plans seem expensive to buy at the moment, you can opt for the following ways to get Peacock for Cheaper:

1. Look for Promo Codes and Deals: 

Third-party coupon websites often list promo codes or discounts. Peacock TV might also offer special promotions directly on their website.

2. Take Advantage of Free Trials:

Peacock TV may offer a free trial for new subscribers. This is a great way to enjoy the service without paying upfront. If you decide not to continue, just remember to cancel before the trial period ends.

3. Bundle Offers: 

Sometimes, Peacock TV is included in a bundle with other services or products. For example, certain mobile or broadband providers might offer Peacock TV as part of their package deals.

4. Student Discounts:

Check if Peacock offers a discounted student subscription if you’re a student. Many streaming services have special pricing for students.

5. Annual Subscription Over Monthly: 

If you plan to keep Peacock TV long-term, consider paying for an annual subscription instead of monthly. The upfront cost is higher, but the overall annual cost is usually lower than paying month-to-month.

6. Shared Plans: 

Check if Peacock allows account sharing and splitting costs with family or friends. To avoid any issues, make sure this follows their terms of service.

7. Special Promotions through Credit Cards: 

Some credit card companies offer cashback, discounts, or points when you sign up for streaming services like Peacock. Check your credit card benefits.

8. Look for Offers with New Devices: 

Occasionally, buying a new device like a smart TV or a streaming stick might come with a free period of Peacock TV.

9. Follow Peacock TV on Social Media: 

Companies often announce special deals or promotions on Twitter or Instagram to their followers.

Conclusion: Peacock Premium Plus Costs $11.99/Month.

Peacock Premium Plus offers its subscribers the convenience of streaming without interruptions by ads.

At the regular price of $11.99 per month, customers enjoy an extensive library of films, TV shows, and live events.

However, you can still take advantage of the available promotions and discounts, such as saving 67% off your first year or taking advantage of student and teacher discounts.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Is Peacock Free?

Peacock offers a tiered service structure, with a base version available at no cost, providing viewers with access to a limited selection of programming. 
However, the ad-supported Peacock Premium and the ad-free Peacock Premium Plus require a monthly subscription fee. More information about the subscription options can be found on the Peacock – Choose a Plan page.

2. How Many People Can Use Peacock at Once?

Peacock Premium Plus allows for multiple simultaneous streams, allowing viewers to watch different content on different devices simultaneously.

3. Can you get a free trial of Peacock Premium Plus?

Free trials are not available for Peacock TV. Nonetheless, you can still access the free version offered without the perks of the Peacock Premium Plus plan.