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What Channel Is Peacock On DirecTV?

Since entertainment lovers have shifted towards streaming, DirecTV has offered various ways to integrate streaming platforms like Peacock. But how do you get Peacock on DirectTV, and what channel is Peacock on DirectTV?

While Peacock is not directly part of DirecTV’s satellite service channels, you can still access its wide content, including hit TV shows, movies, original programming, and much more, using the guide I shared below.

In this guide, I’ve explained everything about accessing Peacock through DirecTV and its channel ID/Number.

So, let’s get into the details.

Is Peacock On DirecTV?

Peacock is not directly available through DirecTV as a channel or part of its satellite service package.

However, DirecTV customers can still access Peacock by subscribing to the streaming service separately via the internet and using compatible streaming devices or smart TVs to watch Peacock’s content.

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It’s always a good idea to check the latest updates directly from DirecTV or Peacock for any changes to their offerings or new integration features.

What Channel Is Peacock On DirecTV?

Peacock is a streaming service that can be added to your DirecTV subscription. The channel number for Peacock on DirecTV varies depending on your TV package.

Here’s a simple breakdown:

  • If you have the DirecTV Entertainment Plan, you can find Peacock on channel 75 or any channel number higher than 75.
  • For those with the DirecTV Choice Plan, Peacock is available on channel 105 and any channel number above that.
  • Subscribers to the DirecTV Ultimate Plan can access Peacock on channel 140 and higher.
  • Lastly, if you have the DirecTV Premier Plan, you can watch Peacock on channel 150 or any higher channel number.

In other words, the higher your DirecTV plan tier, the lower the channel number where you can find Peacock.

It’s important to note that these channel numbers are just the starting points for each plan. You can still access Peacock on any channel above the one listed for your specific package.

If you’re unsure which DirecTV plan you have, you can check your account details or contact DirecTV customer support for assistance.

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What Does Peacock On DirecTV Offer?

DirecTV has partnered with Peacock to offer its customers a special offer that bundles Peacock Premium with their DirecTV subscription.

This collaboration brings several benefits to DirecTV subscribers:

1. Discounted Subscription:

DirecTV customers can add Peacock Premium to their existing TV package at a lower price than subscribing directly through Peacock.

This means they can enjoy Peacock’s premium content without paying the full standard subscription fee.

2. Access to Premium Content:

With Peacock Premium on DirecTV, you can access Peacock’s extensive library of TV shows, movies, originals, live sports, and more.

This expanded content selection is available at a reduced rate exclusively for DirecTV customers.

3. Convenient Subscription Management:

Subscribing to Peacock Premium through DirecTV allows you to manage both subscriptions on the same platform easily.

You can view and change your Peacock subscription directly through your DirecTV account settings.

4. Streamlined Billing and Account Management:

Integrating Peacock Premium with DirecTV simplifies the billing process and user account management.

Instead of receiving separate bills and managing two different accounts, your Peacock Premium subscription is included in your DirecTV bill, making it easier to keep track of your entertainment expenses.

5. Enhanced TV Experience:

With Peacock Premium alongside your DirecTV TV package, you can seamlessly switch between live TV channels and Peacock’s on-demand content.

This integration allows you to enjoy various entertainment options without switching between apps or devices.

How to Sign Up Peacock on DirecTV?

There are two ways to sign up for Peacock TV on DirectTV: DirectTV Stream and DirectTV. Follow the guides given below to get started on the signing-up process:

Sign Up Peacock on DirectTV stream:

Here’s a step-by-step guide to signing up Peacock on DirectTV

Step #1: Sign in to your DIRECTV STREAM account.

Step #2: Choose the option to manage your TV package.

Step #3: Navigate to the “Premium Networks” section and select Peacock.

Sign Up Peacock on DirectTV:

Follow the steps given below to sign up for Peacock on DirectTV:

Step #1: Access your DIRECTV account by logging in.

Step #2: Click the “Manage My TV Package” option.

Step #3: From the available choices, select “TV.”
Step #4: Find and click on “Add on Peacock,” then accept the presented disclosures.

Does Peacock Premium Come at a Discounted Rate with DirecTV?

DIRECTV subscribers can now enjoy the benefits of Peacock Premium at a reduced monthly cost of just $3.99, a significant savings from the standard $5.99 price point. 

This special offer allows you to add Peacock Premium to their existing DIRECTV package effortlessly.

It streamlines your entertainment experience while providing a more affordable way to access Peacock’s extensive content library.

By bundling Peacock Premium with DIRECTV, subscribers save money and benefit from the convenience of a single, consolidated monthly bill for all their services.

What can you Watch on Peacock on DirectTV?

When you subscribe to Peacock Premium through your DirecTV account, you gain access to a wide variety of content, including:

  • Popular TV Shows
  • Movies
  • Peacock Originals
  • Documentaries
  • Live Sports
  • News and Late-Night
  • Kids’ Content
  • Reality TV 
  • Telenovelas
  • Classic TV

Note: The availability of specific titles may vary depending on your location and the terms of the agreement between Peacock and DirecTV.

Conclusion: Find Peacock at 75+, 105+, 140+, or 150+ channel ID.

DirecTV users can access Peacock’s rich content library by subscribing to It separately and using compatible streaming devices.

Always monitor updates from DirecTV and Peacock as their offerings and integration features may evolve, further enhancing your entertainment experience.

With all the necessary steps above, ensure you don’t miss out on the vast entertainment options Peacock offers through DirecTV.

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